“I chose Priority Sports because of their reputation of integrity, wide-ranging experience and football expertise. They have provided me with guidance and knowledge every step of the way. The Priority Family is made up of great people, who will always look out for your best interest, on and off the field. Priority Sports is a first class agency.”

“I’m thankful for Priority Sports every day for all the opportunities I’ve had off the field, I do different things that I never thought I’d be a part of.”

“From the moment I signed with Priority Sports, I knew I was in good hands with Dom. They helped me through the rigors of draft prep, my first training camp, and my first NFL season. The family like atmosphere top to bottom at Priority is something that I really value and appreciate. I know that at the end of the day that they are going to work extremely hard for me and make sure I am taken care of whether it be on the field or off the field. I love that all I have to worry about is my performance on the football field. Priority Sports has been nothing short of amazing to me. They are truly the best in the business and I’m excited to continue to build my career alongside them.”

“I would say Priority cares for people and their clients not only on the field but off the field as well. They care about their professional development, what they are going to do after football. They are all high character people and they look for high character players. If you fit that mold, it is definitely the place to be.”

“They do a great job taking care of me on and off the field; personal issues or business, they are always there for me whenever I need them. I’m thankful for them so much because they make life a lot easier, especially being in the NFL.”

“When I chose Priority, I remember talking to Mike the first time before my senior season and he was talking to me about what to look for and what to prepare for and how to go about watching film and attacking the game from a quarterback’s mindset. Hearing an agent talk like that who really understands the x’s and o’s was awesome. I know Mike was definitely huge because he’s been on the other side of the room, he’s been in the GM discussions, he understands what teams are looking for, and he represents a lot of successful quarterbacks, so he knows what it takes to be successful especially at the quarterback position in the NFL. Then once I got a chance to meet the marketing people and the rest of the agency it just felt like home. I’m excited for opportunities that Priority has brought me and will continue to bring me down the road.”

“I knew from my first meeting with Priority Sports that they were the right choice for me.  What I didn’t know was how much pressure they would remove from my adjustment to the NFL.  They have allowed me to keep my focus on football.  From the moment I signed, I have been amazed at how professional, dependable, and all around knowledgeable they are in every aspect of the business.  My relationship with Priority Sports has been the perfect way to start my professional career and I look forward to a long & lasting relationship.”

“I think Priority Sports & Entertainment is unmatched. From the first day I joined the family, I felt everybody welcomed me and that everybody really had my best interests in mind. The people behind the scenes at Priority are constantly working to make stuff happen and we really appreciate it. Mike has always kept it real with me. He was very honest with the way things were and I love that Mike has experience on the football side of things. He is an agent but he’s also had experience coaching a quarterback position so both of those things were huge for me. Obviously, Mike comes from a great family and he’s a man of God. All those things that kind of fit my parameters for who I wanted to be my agent.”

“I chose Priority Sports & Entertainment for their over 20 years of experience and repeated success within the NFL. Because of their proven track record I felt as though they would give me the best guidance throughout my career. I could never have handled all of the pre-draft mania on my own, but with the help of their whole office everything ran smoothly for my family and I.”

“Choosing Priority Sports for me was a great decision, especially as an underclassman.  I knew from meeting with them that they would help with my football career, but it was the support that I received off the field that far surpassed any expectations I could have ever had in selecting an agency.”

“Priority Sports guided me through a major off-the-field incident in which they showed me that honesty and integrity are the ways to handle problems.  Without Priority Sports, there is no way I would have been drafted in the first round!”

“When my family and I were looking for an agency, we wanted someone we could trust both professionally and personally. Priority Sports & Entertainment has provided that and a whole lot more. Everyone in the office is dedicated to making our lives as easy as possible.”

“Not everybody is created equally in the agent game. They really do set themselves apart, at Priority, and make it a point to bring in guys with good character. When you get a guy represented by Priority, most organizations know they have good guys and that is a credit to McCartney and those guys and the people in that office. It really is amazing from marketing with Julie and Tabitha, those people are such great people and people I’ve built relationships in the course of my career, and really have helped me tremendously going through the things I’ve been through.”

“The process of choosing an agent is a difficult task. Many have heard the stories that result from a player and his family choosing the wrong representation. We interviewed several candidates. It was obvious to my son and our family that Priority Sports and Agent Mike McCartney were the best choice. They bring outstanding knowledge and passion to their representation. They negotiate with integrity and tenaciousness. My son and family could not be more pleased.”
—CRAIG M. LEE, ESQUIRE, father of Sean Lee

“Priority is top notch. Every single person you work with whether it’s Tabitha or my agent, Mike McCartney, have been nothing but class acts since I joined. And you know the connections that they have and the people that you meet through them have been second to none.”

“Me as a former player it was easy for me to step in because I had a pedigree that people easily bought in to and believed what I was a part of. But Kyle has out of nothing built that credibility. He has earned the respect of NFL front offices, General Managers, and coaches. He’s earned the respect on the aspect of negotiating contracts—nobody knows a contract better than Kyle Dolan. On top of that, he has built out of sheer will a level of respect evaluating talent and knowing what it takes to be successful at the NFL level. It really is humbling to see a guy that came from completely outside of the business come in and find success, when many who have spent their whole lives in it can’t because they weren’t willing to put the work in that Kyle does.”

“Priority Sports has been great to us and our family. Kenny always stood by John, even when he was injured and going through tough times. And he was always a man of his word. We know they will be friends long past the end of John’s playing career. We appreciate everything everyone does at Priority Sports.”


We create opportunities for our athletes on and off the field, and in life beyond football. Our main objective: to make sure each employee of our company is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to care for whatever is important to you.