Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu joined Dukes & Bell.

Sanu said it was the little things

“I think it’s just the little things, details.” Sanu said “The small stuff all the time, a lot of guys you see the frustration, we are trying to make a play and it’s just a inch here, an inch there, we are trying to figure it out.”

When asked about working with Dirk Koetter for the first time.

“We’re learning each other.” Sanu said “This is my first time playing with Dirk, a lot of the guys who have been here have played with him, so we’re learning each other and trying to get better.”

Sanu told the guys all he cares about his winning.

“Right now I just want to win.” Sanu said “I’m a competitor; I don’t care about anything other than winning, all that other stuff I don’t have time for.”

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