First of all, that picture.

Second of all, you’ll recall last week we went through all three of outside linebacker Shaq Barrett’s sacks. What’s funny is I could have done that exact thing again, with the addition of one more play because Barrett followed up the aforementioned three-sack performance with a FOUR-sack performance on Sunday. Listen, you know Shaq’s good, I know Shaq’s good and the Bucs had nearly 500 yards of total offense on Sunday. So let’s switch over to that side of the ball because veteran wide receiver Mike Evans also had himself a career day.

Evans had 146 yards and three touchdowns in the first half of Sunday’s game alone. He had a total of 190 yards on the day that included a crucial 41-yard catch with seconds left in the game to give the Bucs a shot at a last-second field goal. We know how that ended up but the Bucs scored 31 points on the day, 21 of which were directly due to Evans. Let’s take a look at how he got there:

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