As Quin Snyder and his coaching staff have gained notoriety around the NBA for their player development chops, Joe Ingles has been their poster boy.

It’s easy to forget how this brash, trash-talking Aussie entered the NBA as a tentative, unwilling shooter with a somewhat limited floor game for this level. Despite already being 27 at the time, not following anything near the traditional developmental path, Ingles has come into his own while layering in the kinds of skills generally reserved for younger guys still growing into their bodies.

Take Ingles’ propensity for going left with the ball, one that actually became more pronounced last year despite increased defensive attention on him. Per advanced tracking data supplied by a source, Ingles used 678 screens to the left that resulted in a shot, turnover, foul or pass to a subsequent shooter, and just 276 going to the right. The same imbalance shows on his tracked drives to the basket: He went left 486 times and right just 157 times.

Even as opponents have caught on and adjusted their scouting, Ingles has leveraged strong Snyder schemes and great screen-setting bigs like Rudy Gobert and Derrick Favors to get to his strong hand as often as possible.