Hey, Cavs fans! It’s Dylan, just wrapping up the summer with my final Player Blog. It’s been a whirlwind and I’ve still got a lot on my plate before Camp tips off.

The overall Summer League experience was great — just being able to connect with not only the coaches but the entire staff, people within the front office, being able to hang out with Darius and Kevin and Dean and then the rest of our teammates. I think we all got along really well.

So, starting to build those relationships in Vegas was cool.

And then on the court, just getting that experience. I think Summer League is a great way to transition into Training Camp and then into the regular season. I think it’s going to be a completely different change of pace going into the season, so I think that Summer League definitely helps you get your feet wet before that rolls around.

Las Vegas Summer League was much different than Salt Lake’s. It was much more of a fast pace, you’ve got a lot more media there and a lot more hype. You’ve got all the NBA vets there for all the games. So, it’s a bit of a show along with the games but the experience definitely helps, and I’ll take that into the season for sure.

The whole experience was great, but it was a long couple of weeks — playing back-to-backs, practicing in-between, trying to get some sleep. It’s kinda tough to stay on a consistent meal basis out there in Vegas, too.


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