What’s up, Cavalier fans! It’s Dylan, checking in once again from the Salt Lake City Summer League.

After a couple months off, the Draft process and a few good practices here in Utah, it’s good to be able to actually play in a real game again, five-on-five.

I’ve played a lot of minutes, around 30 minutes in each of these first two games. And obviously, it’s at a different, higher level now; we’re playing pros, so you’re going hard every night and fatigue sets in a little bit. So I have to make sure I take care of my body — doing everything tonight to be ready for the next game.

It’s been good, so far. We’ve got things we can work on, and we’re going to be better when we get to Vegas. We’re trying to peak when it comes to the tournament. And I think we’ll get there.

Against Utah, we didn’t have very many turnovers; we just weren’t hitting shots. We cleaned up things we needed to clean up as far as defending the ball in transition. We just need to hit more shots.

Opposing defenses are already starting to play me differently.

And definitely, the more games we play, it’s going to be harder – because teams are starting to scout what we’re doing. They’re going to be ready to jump the plays and jump the gun a little bit. So, I’ll need to get a little creative with it and try to keep the defense on their toes, trying to mix it up — go backdoor, come off screens hard, attack the paint and dish it out when that’s not there.

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