One thing that immediately becomes clear in speaking with NFL Draft prospect and former Wisconsin Badgers safety D’Cota Dixon is the strength and clarity of his faith and spirituality. A native of Coconut Grove in Miami, Dixon’s parents both struggled with substance abuse leading to some difficult times for Dixon and his older brother Dexter growing up. But, where most people would be angry about growing up in those circumstances, Dixon looks back on his experiences as a child as a part of his maturation process that shaped him into who he is today.

That isn’t to say that Dixon didn’t carry anger from that childhood trauma. When he first began playing football, he enjoyed it because it gave him a safe outlet for his anger and frustration. Even in those early days, he saw football as a way out of the life he and his parents were living and now he finds himself on the precipice of a professional career with the draft coming up next Thursday. As the whole league begins to descend upon Nashville for next week, Dixon took some time to speak with CBS Local about his journey to get to this point.

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