The routine is a little different for DeMarre Carroll on a game day.

The 32-year-old forward is more likely to spend his time before the game working in the weight room rather than putting up jumpers on the court, and when the game starts, he’ll be back in the tunnel staying loose rather than snagging a seat on the bench … or taking the court for tip-off.

Carroll was a full-time starter in the NBA for the previous five seasons, including all 73 games he played for the Nets last season, during which he set career highs for points and rebounds. This year, all 54 of his appearances have come off the bench.

“I changed my pregame a little bit,” said Carroll. “I’m more on that bike, you’ll see me on that bike, I’m trying and keep my legs going and my body moving. But other than that, man, I just do the same thing. I’m a basketball player, so you can start me, you can bring me off the bench, it doesn’t matter. As long as I’m impacting the game and helping the team, that’s all that matters.”

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