Here we are in the stretch run of the season. We just came off a big road win at Olympiacos and it was nice to see my teammate, Kyle Hines, get some love there. He’s been around a long time and won the EuroLeague with Olympiacos. Kyle has worked for everything he has. Kyle is the leader of our team. He’s the first guy I go to for a lot of things on and off the court. He’s just an amazing guy to talk to, an amazing guy to get advice from. He’s been all over the place. He’s seen it, he’s done it. He’s an incredible leader. He listens. That’s all you can ask for as his teammate.

Kyle is an unbelievable guy who can do a multitude of things. Now he has this new podcast. I think it’s about him finding another challenge to take on. He already did Chacho [Rodriguez] and Othello [Hunter] and I hope he will have me on it sometime. I’d really like to sit down and rap with him about a lot of things. That’s just the kind of guy he is. He is always thinking about other people, making sure that everybody is happy.

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