Utah State tight end Dax Raymond hits questions about his preferred draft destination out of the park when he meets with NFL executives.

“I was being interviewed by a scout, and he said what do you think about living in a different city?” Raymond told The News at the Senior Bowl in January. “I said I’ve lived in Russia for two years. I think I can adjust to anywhere in America.”

Raymond is an intriguing middle-rounds draft prospect at a position of need for the Buffalo Bills. And he has an unusual story.

He spent two years on a Mormon mission in the Vladivostok region in Russia’s Far East, and he didn’t start his college football career until age 20 in 2015. He turned 24 in December. On one hand, he’s older than most NFL rookies. On the other, he has life experience.

“I’ve heard both reactions from NFL scouts,” Raymond said, “where it’d be nice if you were 21 or 22. On the other side, I’m more mature. And they don’t need to worry about me on a weekend doing something stupid. They can rely on me being mature.”

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