The lane most folks expect to see Salah Mejri operating from is the one located inside the paint. But recently, the 7-2 Dallas Mavericks’ center has expanded his game to include the 3-point shot.

In Friday’s game against the Denver Nuggets, Mejri attempted a pair of 3-pointers and wound up converting one of them, which sent the Mavs’ bench into a frenzy. It was Mejri’s second successful 3-pointer in his career.

However, it may be the beginning of things to come.

“Three weeks ago I got with him and talked to him about working on it, because there are many alignments now in the league where the (center) is spotted in the corner, and in some cases open from beyond the arc,” coach Rick Carlisle said. “It’s such an important weapon to have.

“During that period of time he wasn’t playing a whole lot. And I said to him, ‘Hey look, you ought to spend time taking a lot of threes, get used to stepping into them, do it in practice, do it off of conditioning type workouts so you’ll get the rhythm of doing it when you have some fatigue, and it’s something that can extend your career.’

“He’s shot free throws better this year and he was one for two from three the other night (against the Nuggets).”

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