It’s been an action-packed second season for Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma, who’s upped his scoring averages while playing alongside LeBron James (and hearing his name in quite a few trade rumors).

In between games, Kuzma has a few outlets for decompressing—there are the usuals, like his MacBook and AirPods—but also his newfound affinity for wine, and his obsession with Netflix’s Ozark. Kuzma says he “pretty much drinks wine every single day,” citing its health benefits after a glass or two.

In his downtime, he’s all about binging shows with a drug cartel/money laundering element, but he admits Narcos wasn’t for him. And he says he’s enjoying playlists full of “old” music right now, though he cites Young Jeezy as one such example, which is a reminder that Kuzma is only 23. Check out the full list of his 10 essentials, including his go-to kicks, below.

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