The Michael Johnson Foundation will be having its Youth Empowerment Summit 2019 on Thursday and Friday at Wallace Community College-Selma.

The event, which starts each day at 8:30 a.m. is the year’s first program for the MJ 93/90 Foundation in Dallas County.

The summit is for high school seniors only and promising entrepreneurs will be competing for over $10,000 in pitch awards.  The participants were advised to email their business plans to the MJ 93/90 Foundation by Jan. 30.

Johnson, currently a defensive end with the Cincinnati Bengals, will be discussing ways to become a success through hard work and not take any short cuts.

The topics for Thursday are empowerment focus, empowerment talks, social media, integrity over popularity, self-esteem, team building, your dream is your reality-not a reality show, you can be a millionaire (without being famous or selling drugs), money management, college prep and entrepreneurship.

A Shark Tank competition will be held on Friday.