Sterling Brown entered the Milwaukee Bucks facility with cuts and bruises on his face and tried to ignore the glances of teammates. He kept to himself in an attempt to stay quiet during practice, all the while knowing the final whistle would jumpstart a barrage of questions.

“I tried to play it off smooth and just go in there and handle my business and conduct myself professionally,” Brown told Sports Illustrated, “but I could feel people staring at me, trying to figure out what’s going on.”

Once prompted, with no footage yet released to corroborate his version of events, the story of Brown’s hellish night spilled out. He explained how a routine trip to a Walgreen’s pharmacy escalated and ended with him on the ground, officers all around and a taser in his back.

When Brown entered an empty parking lot and left his car slanted across multiple spaces, he didn’t expect to leave with a harrowing story he would need to share with teammates. He didn’t expect to endure a police interaction that would make him feel lucky to leave with his life still intact.

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