With another National Signing Day approaching, Miami Valley high school players dreaming of making the NFL some day need look no further than the New England Patriots offensive line for a real-life example it can happen.

At left guard, they will find Alter graduate Joe Thuney, a third-year pro getting set to make his third consecutive start in the Super Bowl, an unprecedented feat.

Thuney’s story is a reminder that a lack of early attention from recruiting analysts and college coaches certainly does not preclude a player from making it to the top.

While the blue-chip recruits, those uber-talents generally discovered as freshmen and sophomores in high school, might be the most likely to make it all the way to the pinnacle of the sport, there is room for everyone.

That includes those still scrapping for offers after they’ve played their last down of high school football, as was the case for Thuney.

Despite helping the Knights to a pair of state championships, Thuney was not a five-star, a four-star or even a three-star recruit at Alter High School eight years ago.

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