The​ list​ of​ criteria required​ to play in a defense run by​ Matt​ Eberflus​ is​ quite succinct.​​ And the consequence of not meeting those criteria is grave.

“He’s brought a responsibility to this defense where, if you’re not doing your job, which is very simple and easy to do, which doesn’t really require any talent, all they’re asking for is for you to run to the ball and to give maximum effort,” Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman Margus Hunt said.

“If you’re not doing it, then you’re not going to see any time on the field.”

Let’s allow linebacker Anthony Walker to say it louder, and more concisely, lest any part of this remain unclear.

“If you’re not hustling, if you’re not out there trying to get to the ball on every play,” Walker said, “then you will not play. It’s simple.”

Throw around all the statistics and accomplishments you’d like. They’re fun and all, but they fall woefully short of explaining the biggest impact made by Eberflus, the Colts defensive coordinator, just 13 games into his first season in Indy.

This man is not running a defense. He’s instilling a culture. It is an obsessive, uncompromising and ultra-demanding culture of hustle, discipline and teamwork.

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