Tuesday was National Voter Registration Day, which prompted a reporter’s question about casting ballots, and Beal had plenty to say about it.

“Voting is beyond important. This is our world. This is our country. We have the freedom to dictate and choose who we want to lead and who we want to run it,” he said.

“I always feel like we fought for the right to vote; men, women, African-Americans, white, whatever color you may be. We all fought for equal rights and the right to vote. It’s important that everybody votes, everybody. Whether you just turned 18 and have just registered or if you haven’t registered, it’s important that you do.”

Bradley Beal wants you to vote.

Beal, 25, discussed voting in the context of today’s political climate and how he believes the country is trending in the wrong direction. He lamented the discourse over NFL players kneeling during the national anthem to protest injustice in police-involved shootings.

Beal went on to say he plans to use his platform as an NBA player to get young people politically involved. Hence, his message about voting.

“At this point, you just continue to reach out to the youth and continue to reach out to those who are affected by it everyday and those who live by it everyday,” he said. “I try to throw my two cents in and help and point in the right direction and advise and mentor the best that I can. Because we need it, we need it. This generation needs it and the world needs it.”

Though National Voter Registration Day has passed, registration is still open in all 50 states. Some states, however, have deadlines as far out as 30 days before the election, like Louisiana and Pennsylvania which close registration on Oct. 9. Some jurisdictions, like Washington, D.C., allow registration all the way up until Election Day itself.

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