Taiwan shows lots of love to NBA star Kyle Kuzma

Jun 10, 2018 | by Te'Qin Windham,Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)— NBA rookie Kyle Kuzma visited Taiwan June 6-8 to connect with fans and experience Taiwan's culture for the first time.

Los Angeles Lakers star Kyle Kuzma enjoyed three days in Taipei. On Wednesday Kuzma toured the city followed by a meet-and-greet event at Triangle. The NBA athlete made a guest appearance at the NBA Store Thursday and then spent Friday at Zhonghe Middle School for a basketball demonstration with students.

Taiwan News had the opportunity to speak with Kuzma about his first trip to Taipei. Kuzma came to Taiwan for a personal visit, to “experience the culture of Taiwan, get to know Taiwan,” according to Kenric Wong, who arranged Kuzma’s trip here to Taiwan. 

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