Phillip Lindsay closing in on all-time rushing record for undrafted rookies

Dec 03, 2018 | by Michael David Smith, NBC Sports

Denver’s Phillip Lindsay might just be the best undrafted rookie running back ever.

Lindsay, who had a dominant performance in Sunday’s win over the Bengals, now has 937 rushing yards through 12 games this season. That puts him on pace for 1,249 yards this season. The all-time record for an undrafted rookie is 1,104 rushing yards, set by Dominic Rhodes in 2001 with the Colts.

Setting that record would be a sweet ending to the year for Lindsay, who told Peter King he was extremely dejected when he went undrafted.

“That whole three days of the draft was hell. It really was. It wasn’t hell just for me but my family. Just sitting there waiting for a phone call,” Lindsay said.

Asked if he cried, Lindsay said: “Not gonna lie. I did. I was in the room with my father and I did cry. I did cry because I sit there and my family’s there and I’m looking at my family and they’re crying. They’re crying with me.”

Now they’re all crying tears of joy, as Lindsay is in his hometown of Denver and having one of the best seasons of any undrafted rookie, ever.

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