Myers excited for added 'physical presence...veteran leadership'

Aug 02, 2012 | by Matt Steinmetz, CSNBAYAREA.COM

Warriors general manager Bob Myers spoke to reporters on Wednesday about there-signing of Brandon Rush, signing of Carl Landry, and other team-related topics.

Here are some excerpts from what he said:

On the re-signing of Brandon Rush:

Myers: “We’ve said all along we were going to prioritize re-signing Brandon Rush, and we’re happy we were able to make that happen. I think he was excited to be back. He had a great season for us, fills a lot of roles for us defensively and offensively.

“Obviously he had  a great year shooting the basketball. It also gives us some continuity. There are some new players on the team. Bringing Brandon back -- as a player who has been with our coaching staff and some of our other players was important.”

On the signing of Carl Landry:

Myers: “We’re fortunate to have the opportunity to even have a chance to get a guy like him. I Think we got him on a great value (two years, $8 million; player option in Year 2). He gives us mental toughness and a physical presence in the paint, which I think we’ve lacked. He gives us veteran leadership; he’s been to the playoffs.

“We just think he’ll help our core group, and we’re thrilled to have him on our team. It’s nice see a player come to our team and not feel like we had to go crazy financially to get him. So we’re hopefully turning the corner to the playoffs -- to where people want to play for us because they think we have a chance to win.”

On whether the heavy lifting is over this offseason:

Myers: “Yeah, it is. We’re mostly full on our roster – 15, with (Kent) Bazemore being on a partial guarantee. In regard to any major moves I’d say unlikely. You never know what tomorrow will bring, but the way we played free agency -- we’ve made our moves and we’re content with our roster. With that being said everything is fluid and things change daily but I would say that we’d be happy if we began the season with this group.”

On where he sees the Warriors in the Western Conference pecking order:

Myers: “I think we’ve gotten better. We had a productive summer. I think we made some good moves, going back to (last season’s) trade deadline with (Andrew) Bogut. We’d like to think we’ve improved our team. But if it doesn’t translate to wins, it doesn’t matter.

“Are we going to be competitive in the West? I think we can fight for a playoff spot, but promising anything is counterintuitive and not productive. We’ve made progress, we’re moving in the right direction. I do believe that strongly. We’re going in the right direction. We’re going to continue to do that.

“The key to our success will be health. We’re under no illusion there. That’s been an issue with some of our core players, and we’re addressing that. All is progressing well on those fronts. If we’re healthy, we’ll have a good chance to be competitive in the West. And that’s our goal. It’s a small goal right now and we hope to add to it.”

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