Meet Sione Takitaki, BYU's gem of an LB prospect

Apr 06, 2019 | by Zach Hicks, DraftWire

If your favorite team is looking for a steal of a linebacker in the 2019 NFL draft, BYU’s Sione Takitaki might just be your man.

A versatile prospect with a well-rounded skill set, Takitaki recently spoke exclusively with Draft Wire about his unique journey at BYU, why his passion for the game and help from his wife helped keep him on the path to success, and what kind of skill set he brings to the next level.

ZH: I read that you were recruited by a ton of schools that included Wisconsin, Washington State, and Utah. Why did you end up choosing BYU?

ST: I grew up LDS, I grew up a Mormon kid, so BYU was always one of the schools that I was always looking at, because my mom and my family wanted me to go there. So that was the main reason why I decided to attend BYU.

ZH: You struggled a bit early in your career with some off-field issues, but really turned that around the last two seasons. What was the key to really turning your life around?

ST: I just really loved the game. I really loved football, I met my wife on that journey, and you know from a maturity standpoint, I got my head on right and like I said, I want to be a football player. I know I have a big opportunity and it was all in my hands, so I finally just screwed my head on right and attacked it.

ZH: How difficult was it to manage your time between your marriage, schoolwork, and football those last few years at BYU?

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