How Joel Cornette's friendship with LaVall Jordan changed Butler forever

Mar 13, 2018 | by David Woods, Indy Star

INDIANAPOLIS — Stories of Butler basketball’s rise in the 2000s have been told and retold so often, there is nothing left to divulge. Except this.

If not for LaVall Jordan’s counsel to Joel Cornette in April 2000, there might not be Butler basketball as we now know it. Not two Final Fours. Not 21 NCAA tournament victories since 2001.

In 2000, Butler was coming off a 69-68 overtime loss to No. 3 seed Florida in the NCAA’s first round. Florida went on to reach the championship game in Indianapolis. The Bulldogs’ coach, Barry Collier, soon left for Nebraska. Cornette, after a breakout freshman season, wondered whether he should transfer.

Cornette asked Jordan, then a  Butler player who had once considered transferring, what to do. Jordan’s response:

The Butler program needs you to be here.

Cornette stayed. Butler prospered. The game changed.

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