Jun 25, 2018 | by Sam Smith,

It's all Chandler Hutchison ever heard, that he can't. So all he ever showed them not only was that he could, but really better than they could.

Like in high school when he couldn't make the varsity until his junior year, but by senior year he was a 20-point scorer and cracked the nation's top 100 recruits. It came late, so college meant Boise State, wherever that was. You know, the basketball powerhouse known for its NBA and ABA alum in the likes of Chris Childs, Coby Karl, John Coker, Clyde Dickey and James Webb, the latter who got in 10 games for Brooklyn last season. And then they told Hutchison he couldn't do it there, either, failing to average even seven points his first two years as a spot starter. So then as a senior, the 6-7 Hutchison went on to become one of the most versatile players in college basketball, averaging 20 points, 7.7 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 39 percent on threes.

And then last week, the No. 22 selection for the Bulls in the NBA draft, a widely skilled and mature 22-year-old who is anxious to make his case as the epitome of the modern NBA wing player, capable of taking the ball full court with long strides and opening up an offense. Better not tell him he can't do that, either.

"The stuff in high school, I didn't think too much of it," Hutchison said Monday at his introductory media conference with fellow No. 1 pick Wendell Carter Jr. "Once you turn that page, just like now from college to the NBA, you're given that clean slate and everyone is on a level playing field. I pride myself on working hard and continuing to improve. It was just to be a really good college player at first. I was given the opportunity to do that and excel at Boise State.

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