Bess Hitting His Stride With the New Offense

Jun 19, 2012 | by

Davone Bess, the Dolphins’ most-tenured receiver, has had to acclimate to a new role in a new offense this offseason.

Bess recently sat down with Jesse Agler to talk about what’s different with the new coaching staff and the dynamic among the team’s receivers.

The structure of Joe Philbin’s practices, even as Bess is picking up the new offense himself, allows for plenty of one-on-one mentoring.

“That’s one of the biggest advantages I have is getting the information and being able to share with the young guys,” said Bess, who’s never played in a West Coast offense.  “By me coaching them up, I’m fine-tuning myself, as well. Hats off to the coaches—they’re doing a great job getting us the information that’s needed.”

Thus far, all of the summer’s practices and workouts have been voluntary, though you’d be hard-pressed to find too many absences. Some of this is because of the rigidity of the NFL schedule, no doubt.  But, with memories of last year’s lockout still fresh, there may be a premium on the early-summer schedule.

“This is where you grind and develop that bond and develop that chemistry,” Bess said. “Last year it was unfortunate that we hadn’t, but business is first. I’m just happy we’re able to be here now and be able to learn each other, learn the system and make plays.”

Pace has been the buzzword around the Dolphins facility this summer, probably because it’s been the most tangible departure from the previous norm. It’s true, though, everything is faster. If you stop paying attention for a few moments, you’re likely to miss something. This, of course isn’t an accident; the coaching staff–Philbin and Mike Sherman, really–are doing it by design. In the immediate short term, the fast pace could be a sign that offense is grasping the new signals and concepts.

“If you don’t know what you’re doing, you won’t be able to play fast,” Bess said. “That’s a testament to the players out there. It’s retaining that information and then being able to go out and make the plays that are needed.”

If the Dolphins offense is going to keep an opposing defense on its toes, it may need a little help. New defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, who had coached Cincinnati’s defensive backs prior to joining Philbin’s staff, has gained a reputation for producing ball-hawking secondaries, creating, in turn, more possessions for the offense. Bess said the defensive unit has been practicing with a noticeable edge.

“Aggressive,” Bess said.  “They’re coming after guys.  A lot of pressure. They’re not giving the quarterbacks enough time to check; they’re not giving guys enough time to sit in the pocket. They want to put the pressure on and make quarterbacks make bad decisions.”

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