“The process of choosing an agent is a difficult task. Many have heard the stories that result from a player and his family choosing the wrong representation. We interviewed several candidates. It was obvious to my son and our family that Priority Sports and Agent Mike McCartney were the best choice. They bring outstanding knowledge and passion to their representation. They negotiate with integrity and tenaciousness. My son and family could not be more pleased.” - CRAIG M. LEE, ESQUIRE, father of Sean Lee

“They do a great job taking care of me on and off the field; personal issues or business, they are always there for me whenever I need them. I’m thankful for them so much because they make life a lot easier, especially being in the NFL.” - NATE ORCHARD

“I’m thankful for Priority Sports every day for all the opportunities I’ve had off the field, I do different things that I never thought I’d be a part of.” - MASON CROSBY

“I knew from my first meeting with Priority Sports that they were the right choice for me.  What I didn't know was how much pressure they would remove from my adjustment to the NFL.  They have allowed me to keep my focus on football.  From the moment I signed, I have been amazed at how professional, dependable, and all around knowledgeable they are in every aspect of the business.  My relationship with Priority Sports has been the perfect way to start my professional career and I look forward to a long & lasting relationship." - A.J. HAWK

“Choosing Priority Sports for me was a great decision, especially as an underclassman.  I knew from meeting with them that they would help with my football career, but it was the support that I received off the field that far surpassed any expectations I could have ever had in selecting an agency.” - HALOTI NGATA

"I chose Priority Sports & Entertainment for their over 20 years of experience and repeated success within the NFL. Because of their proven track record I felt as though they would give me the best guidance throughout my career. I could never have handled all of the pre-draft mania on my own, but with the help of their whole office everything ran smoothly for my family and I." - ROBERT GALLERY

“When my family and I were looking for an agency, we wanted someone we could trust both professionally and personally. Priority Sports & Entertainment has provided that and a whole lot more. Everyone in the office is dedicated to making our lives as easy as possible.” - JAKE DELHOMME

“Priority Sports guided me through a major off-the-field incident in which they showed me that honesty and integrity are the ways to handle problems.  Without Priority Sports, there is no way I would have been drafted in the first round!” - LUIS CASTILLO