PRIORITY SPORTS is a full service management firm, with 30 years of experience, comprised of honest, ethical, hard-working, passionate and productive professionals who make it a point to build long lasting and meaningful relationships with our athletes.

PRIORITY SPORTS chooses to remain independent which allows all decisions to be made in the best interest of the player, not the bottom line of the company. Every Player’s career is equally important and PRIORITY SPORTS will be there every step of the way, in good times or tough times.

The PRIORITY SPORTS team creates opportunities for our athletes on and off the court, and in life beyond basketball. PRIORITY SPORTS offers many great services, but our main objective is to make sure each employee of our company is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to care for whatever is important to you.


  • PRIORITY SPORTS has the highest client retention rate in the business.
  • PRIORITY SPORTS has a specialized staff to meet your every basketball and business need.
  • Every decision at PRIORITY SPORTS is made by us, without answering to any person other than our player.
  • Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal listed PRIORITY SPORTS as the #1 independent sports agency in the country.


To prepare you to be the BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER you can be—on and off the court.


Getting to the top of your profession is extremely difficult; staying there is even tougher. The most successful people in the world surround themselves with individuals who are unconditionally committed to their success. PRIORITY SPORTS can assure you that the passion and energy we provide our players and their families will surpass your highest expectations.